Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I had plenty of other kids to play with growing up in Malden. There was 
Mike Tedesco living in a house on one side of ours and the Corielli twins, 
Ronne and Richie, lived on the other side. I remember going over to Mike’s
place to play with his Lionel Trains. His Dad had a shoe repair shop further
up Beach Street in Linden Square. We shared our driveway with the Tedescos.

Ronnie and Richie had good imaginations and I remember playing “cowboys 
and indians” with them. I also recall the day their pet pigeon died and they held 
a funeral “Mass” for it under their back porch. Their mother quickly put an end 
to that sacrilegious act!  They had an older brother named Vincent and like me
they had a grandparent living with them, their grandfather who was called Dodo.
(This was pronounced Duhdo) 

Another playmate was my cousin Winifred who lived on the first floor of our
house, although I don’t have many memories of us playing. After all, Winnie was
a girl! But I do recall her being in the talent show we put on once in the back yard. 
(We must have seen a Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland movie on tv, or maybe 
a Little Rascals short.) She sang “The Wayward Wind” while I provided the echoing 
chorus from around the corner in the driveway!   

I have a reminder of those days although it’s pretty much faded now. Once while 
playing ‘cowboys and indians” with the Corielli twins, they got a little carried away. 
One of them tossed a tomato stake “spear” at me that hit me right on the bridge of 
the nose. I had a small scar from it and while it doesn’t show now, it used to be 
noticeable when I got a bad sunburn in my younger days.

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Written for the Family History Writing Challenge 

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Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt said...

Ah, cowboys and Indians. We played it all the time. Remember those slow agonizing death swoons? Those worked for WW1 ("bring out the gas masks!") and WW2, also.