Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I don’t have any memory of my birth.

But I’m getting ahead of my story.

Floyd Earl West Jr. married Anne Marie White on 29Jun 1947. Dad had been
born and raised in Maine but after his discharge from the Army following WW2
he found a job with a landscaping company in the Boston area. I’m not certain
on the details but I believe he met my Mom on a blind date set up by a coworker
who was dating Mom’s cousin Nancy.  One thing led to another and he ended up
marrying the “red headed city woman” from Boston. My parents spent a few
months living up in Maine but I don’t think Mom liked it up there and she and
Grandmother West weren’t all that friendly. So they moved back down to the
Boston area where I was born a little over a year after the marriage.

Eventually my parents bought half a two family home on Beach St in Malden. We
lived on the second floor along with my Mom’s mother, Agnes McFarland. My Mom’s
brother Eddie and his wife Emily lived on the first floor and were co-owners. My
earliest memories are of that house and of being watched by my grandmother while
both my parents worked for Atlas Engineering in Boston. I can remember “hiding”
from my parents under some newspapers as I sat on the couch with Nana. I also
recall brushing Nana’s hair as she sat in the big chair in the parlor.

It was a nice house in a good neighborhood, even though it was on a busy street.
Even now, over fifty years since we left that place, I still have many memories of my
childhood there, and I’ll discuss those next.

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Written for the Family History Writing Challenge

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