Thursday, February 03, 2011


The recent nasty Winter weather has indeed been horrendous but sometimes
I think people have short memories. They have several mild winters in a row and
expect every Winter to be like that. Then when a harder Winter comes along it’s
a new Ice Age. Of course the television news nowadays doesn’t help, because
bad weather means good ratings so they play it up for all it is worth. (However,
this Winter has been exceptionally hard, so we’re all allowed to be ready for
Spring now!)

I’m not going to claim that we had bigger, badder storms when I was growing
up on Beach St. but we did have some memorable weather. Hurricanes
Hazel and Carol hit New England and during one of them the Linden Creek
flooded Beach St. My Dad drove through the water in his Pontiac right behind
someone driving a motorboat, and I can remember Vincent Corielli yelling
“Here comes Mr West in his submarine!” That was the same storm where the
cellar flooded and mice were floating around on top of cardboard down there.
That startled my Aunt Emily until Dad went down and stood on the cellar stairs
and calmly sank the mice as they floated by him.

I’m not sure how bad the winters were back then. When you’re a small child,.
every snowbank seems huge. I used to dream about our old back yard covered
with snow as it is in these pictures. Perhaps they were inspired by the pictures!

II have other vivid memories of Malden, some good, some sad, and I’ll discuss
more of those in the next post in the series.

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Written for the Family History Writing Challenge 


Michelle Goodrum said...

Driving the Pontiac behind a boat. Oh my! I really enjoyed this post. But...

Eeewwww on the mice!

Linda Gartz said...

Great photos and memories. One year, in the 1950s, my dad flooded our back yard so we could have an ice rink. No grass grew the next year, but we sure had fun!
Storm of '67 --my brother slept in his car on Chgo's south side -- then walked about 13 miles home to the north side.