Saturday, December 18, 2010


Before I post about my research goals and plans for next year, I
thought I'd look back at this year's list. Due to my medical problems
and then moving I didn't get much accomplished genealogy wise for
first third of the year. However it's been a pretty active fall for me
and I picked up some ground.

So here's the list in italics followed by the results:

Organize! Organize! ORGANIZE! Cite those sources and trim the 
tree of duplicate entries!

Well, this is still VERY much a work in progress.

Scan! Scan! SCAN! Get that Rubbermaid tub of pictures done!

While I've done slightly more on this than the organizing, I really
need to get cracking on this too.

Research! Research! RESEARCH!

I've had more success with this than any other of my plans.aided
by records I've found at and FamilySearch Record

Share what I've found with anyone who needs help tilting at 
their own genealogy "windmills".

This was one of the most rewarding things I was able to do this
past year. I helped several friends get started on tracing their
family trees.

Get out of the apartment more and visit the NEGHS, the Family
History Center and some of the places my ancestors lived and 
where they are buried.

I didn't really start to do much on this until this Fall. While I haven't
made it back to the NEGHS or the family Center yet, I've gotten out
and explored the local cemeteries with good results as recent blogposts
can attest.

Do more work on my maternal lines, the Whites, Offingers, McFarlands
and Kelleys.

Thanks to FamilySearch Record Search I found new information on the
Whites and Offingers, and some on the McFarlands. The Kelleys still
remain an enigma.

Keep chipping away at that John Cutter West brickwall.

I chipped. It's still there, but someday, somehow, it's coming down!

And most of all to keep having fun doing all of the above!

Now THAT was the easiest gena-resolution for me to keep! It was
ALL fun!


Susan Petersen said...

Wonderful post, Bill. I think that all of us look back over the year we realize that we have accomplished more than we realized!

Michelle Goodrum said...

I agree with Susan and considering some of the detours you've had this year you've still managed to do quite a bit with your resolutions.

Greta Koehl said...

You've had a really full genealogy year, even with a reduction in the amount of time you could spend doing it - I'm taking a cue from you and getting cracking! (That organize and scan part IS a bear, though.)