Thursday, December 16, 2010


I checked in over at the Maine Genealogy Network tonight and
saw Chris Dunham's (formerly of The Genealogue) notice that had added images of Maine's Vital Records through
1922 to their site. So I immediately signed in  over at Ancestry and
started searching the images for my various Maine ancestors,
including my biggest brickwall, John Cutter West and his children.
I was hoping that there might be a mention of John's birthplace on
something that might narrow it down to a specific town in
Massachusetts or that confirm it was the town of Plymouth rather
than Plymouth County.

Alas, I had no luck.

Nevertheless, I found other records and information that I didn't
have before. I learned great grandfather Frank Wesley Barker died
from pneumonia after having  "la grippe" six months after his mother
Lucy Colburn had died from her bout with "la grippe", in other words,
the flu. And of course I added everything to my tree as sources.

So, a hurrah for that, and a drat for not finding a chink in that brickwall.

I'll keep chipping away at it, though!

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