Tuesday, December 14, 2010


((originally posted in December 2007))

Ah, fruitcake! The Food. The Myth. The Legend.

We’ve never had any of the perpetual fruitcakes hanging about
for weeks or months in our family. We’re a practical bunch. If it
tastes good, we eat it. If it doesn’t, well, out it goes!

I have, however, invented a mythical fruitcake named Margaret.

Like distant cousin Tim Abbot over at Walking the Berkshires I
have been a role-player for years although mine has been online
instead of tabletop Dungeons and Dragons. One of my characters
is an eccentric Scotsman and last Christmas he gave Margaret
the Fruitcake to another character as a Christmas gift.

It seems it was baked by a female relative who passed away
while doing so and the Scotsman believes (he says) that her spirit
inhabits her final fruitcake. Margaret has been exchanged
between family members each Christmas but last year it was
given to a young squire. Various adventures ensued including a
jailbreak where Margaret was used as a weapon and then the
disappearance of the haunted fruitcake sometime around

Yeah, I know.

I’m nutty as a fruitcake

2009 Update-Margaret's location is unknown at present, although
rumors persist that she is being used as a curling stone by a team
of dwarves.

2010 Update: Margaret's present location is still unknown. The
most prevalent rumor is that she was recently employed as a 
battering ram at the Gates of Mordor. 


Nolichucky Roots said...

Too funny. However, Margaret is one of my all time favorite names. Guess what I'll be thinking of now each time I meet a Margaret? NOT what a beautiful name...
You couldn't have named it Griselda?

And well earned kudos on your Top 40 nomination. You have my (frequent) votes.

Greta Koehl said...

I've known a number of role-players (comes from hanging around the science fiction crowd). I love the idea that Margaret has an active life in that universe.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Oh Bill, that's hilarious! And given the day I've had, I needed a laugh!

I used to be a role player, but had to stop years ago when RL took over. Glad to hear that you are still out there having fun.

If I run into Margaret, I'll let you know.