Friday, December 10, 2010


This past week I was honored with the Ancestor Approved Award
by Susan Petersen of  Long Lost and Debbie of
Mascot Manor Genealogy . Thank you both!

I was also given this award back in April by six other folks but at
that time I was recovering from my last hospital adventure and in
the midst of the move from the old hobbit hole to my present
apartment so other than expressing my thanks to them I wasn't
able to fulfill the conditions of the award but now I can do so.

As a recipient of this award, I am to list 10 things I have learned about
my ancestors that have surprised, humbled or enlightened me and
then pass the award on to 10 other genealogy bloggers who I feel
are doing their ancestors proud.  So here is my list of 10 things and
my list of 10 other bloggers.

1. I was surprised by learning about my Grandfather West’s part in caring
for soldiers stricken with the Spanish Influenza at Fort Devens during

2. I was surprised by how much I've been able to find about
many of my ancestors on GoogleBooks, especially through the Essex
County Court Records. As I've noted before, some of them were
 a contentious lot! 

3. I was humbled to realize my ancestors faced so many obstacles and
tragedies and still endured.

4. I'm constantly enlightened on New England history by my research
into my family history.

5. I've been surprised and frustrated at how elusive some ancestors can

6. I was surprised to find that so many of my ancestors were involved in
 the conflicts with the Native Americans in the earliest days of Maine and

7. I was surprised to find distant relatives buried so close to my parents.

8. I was enlightened by Aunt Dot's memories of growing up in MaIne
with my Dad in the 1930's.

9. I was surprised to learn of my ancestor Jonathan Barker's family
problems and burial in an unmarked grave.

10. I am constantly humbled by how much more there is to discover
about my family's history.

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Alanna said...

Thank you Bill! I am honored by the award!!! Thank you!

Kristin said...

Thank you for the award Bill! I guess I'm going to have to sit down and answer the 10 questions and pass it on.

Janice Poole said...

Thank you so much. Everyday I find out something new about history or our ancestors and I love sharing it all. It is also nice to know that I am reaching serious genealogist with a interest in the history of the time also.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Bill. I am very honored to be chosen as one of your 10. (So glad to hear you're past your "hospital adventure".) I'll look forward to passing this on to 10 others.

Will Haskell said...

Thank you, Bill. My first award! I hope to find time soon to post 10 things I have learned about my ancestors and to pass the award along to 10 other deserving geneabloggers.

Unknown said...

Thanks again, Bill.
Just letting you know I posted my 10. If you'd like to see, here's the link.