Thursday, December 23, 2010


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This is 101 Capen St in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. We 
lived there from approximately 1956 to 1960. Our apartment was on 
the top floor and out landlords were Mr and  Mrs Wittlestein . Back 
then, the building was grey with white trim and there was a lawn 
instead of gravel. But all in all, the Google map street view shows
a well kept neighborhood in 2010. The only major change I could
see was that the apartment building across the street from us is
gone and replaced by a smaller yellow building on the corner of
Selden and Capen Sts.

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I wish I could say our other address in Dorchester fared as well as 
Capen St. But it didn't. The empty area behind the fence is where
18 Evans St used to stand. We rented the first floor apartment
from Phil and Alice Pais. It appears the building perhaps burned 

Google Street View is amazing, letting me visit places I knew as
a kid but at times, like tonight, it can also be a reminder of the 
passage of time.

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