Saturday, December 04, 2010


These are the gravestones in the second Dunham family plot that
I found Thursday at Mt.Vernon Cemetery in Abington:

Henry Dunham. 1835-1884. Located to the left of the front stairs.

A headstone for seven children, Located on the left hand border of the
plot. The inscription at the base reads: "Children of Henry Dunham and
Mary his wife."

Henry Dunham 1800-1878(?)  Located to the right of the stairs.

Mary C Dunham 1805-1880, located right front corner.

Andrew Jackson Dunham and wife Mercie Florence Dunham, located
right side corner.

"Gertie". Located on the right side border.of the plot. Was this a daughter
of Henry and Mary Dunham or of Andrew J. Dunham and his wife?

Sarah M, Dorr and her son Richard Clinton Dorr. Located right side
rear corner. Where is Sarah's husband and what was his name?

Armed with the information from the gravestones I began searching for
information on the family when I got home. First I checked "History
of the town of Abington" and found the following:

"IV. General Henry Dunham, born October 13, 1806; married Mary 
Cushing, born April 2, 1805, daughter of Colonel Brackley Cushing, 
of Abington, April 8, 1826. Their children were—
V. Charles Henry, born October 30, 1827; died June 17, 1832.
V. Brackley Cushing, born September 2, 1829 ; married Elizabeth 
    T. Hunt, November 2, 1859.
V. Sarah Maria, born November 9, 1831; died December 18, 1840.
V. Andrew, born November 25, 1833 ; married Mercy F. Whitcomb, 
     January 20, 1855. Children—
  VI. Sarah Maria, born January 20, 1856 ; 
  VI. Emma Gertrude, born April 23, 1862.
V. Hervey, born October 18, 1835.
V. Mary Cushing, born July 2,1838  died November 23, 1843.
V, Caroline, born January 18, 1841; died September 10, 1841.
V. Emma Annette, born January 1, 1844.
V. Josephine, born June 8, 1846; died September 17, 1846.
V. Susan Ford, born May 20, 1848.
V. Frank, born.May 25, 1850; died September 7, 1850.
V. Annie Poyas, born August 20, 1852; died December 14, 1854."

So "Gertie" was Andrew Jackson Dunham's daughter Emma
Gertude and  Sara Dorr was his daughter Sarah Maria. Those 
questions were now answered, but as always with family
research, there were more to come.

To be continued.

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