Monday, December 27, 2010


It's time once again for those of us looking into the past to look into our
future. So here are my genealogy resolutions and my plans on how to
achieve them:

1 Continue researching my maternal White, McFarland, Offinger,
and Luick lines.

 Plan: I need to make trips into Boston and find what resources might be
available from the Boston municipal records, and the Boston Public
Library. I also want to search the National Archives records for any
other documentation.

I might take out a World membership from Ancestry for a month or
two to seach for records from Ireland and Germany.

2. Continue researching my paternal West, Barker, Ellingwood, 
Dunham and other family lines.

Plan: I need to visit the local FHC more oftren than I have in the
past to search for records. Visits are also in order for the NEHGS
and the Massachusetts State Archives. I also need to start making
more use of court records (wills, deeds, etc) in my research.

Continued exploration of the local cemeteries and of the distant cousins
buried there is also on my to do list.

I'd also like to attend the Ellingwood Family Reunion again in August.

3. Break down that John  Cutter West brick wall.

Plan: A series of visits to the town halls and historical societies of towns
here in Plymouth County seems to be the only approach possible to
this mystery. The cemetery visits might also prove useful in this.

4. Join a local genealogy or history society

Plan: I'm going to join the Historical Society of Old Abington. "Old
Abington" included the present town plus the districts which eventually
became  the towns of Whitman and Rockland, areas in which collateral
branches of my paternal lines lived and also where my brother in law's
family lived. The meetings are four times a year on Sunday which I
should be able to make.

The South Shore Genealogical Society might be doable but they meet
on Saturdays when I am working and the membership link on their
website is not working.  Still, I'll try to join and get to some meetings.

I also want to attend some of the regional genealogy conferences and
perhaps meet some of my genealogy blogger friends.

5.Write more.

Plan: Continue blogging and sharing what I find. Maybe publish it in
bookor ebook form.


Plan: Just do it!!

7. Scan, SCAN SCAN!!

Plan: See Plan #6

All of these are dependent on my health. I planned to get out and do
more this year but my health prevented it for much of the year. So
Priority #1 is to stay healthy this winter so that once the weather
improves I can hit the ground running...well...sort of running....   

And above all else, I plan to HAVE FUN doing all of it!

 ((Written for the 101st edition of the Carnival of Genealogy!))


Apple said...

Priority #1! We'll make a pact and stick to it, no more illness for either of us!!!!

I hope 2011 is the year you finally break down the John Cutter West brick wall!

Carol said...

I so totally relate to # 6 and # 7.

May 2011 be healthy, wealthy and wise!

Janet Iles said...

#6 is one of my big goals in all aspects of my life.

I hope you have a very healthy 2011 and that you can work on all your goals.

Greta Koehl said...

Oh, yeah, I'm kind of in that same boat, too. Good luck accomplishing your 2011 goals!

DianaR said...

Hi Bill ~

Here's to your good health in 2011!! (I'm toasting you with my coffee & Baileys)

I like the way that each of your goals has a plan attached. I remember hearing something to the effect that a goal without a plan is just a wish. (I have no source for that - please don't tell on me!)

Janice said...

Cousin Bill :)

I like your plan. If I might add to your burden (smiles sweetly), did ya evah think mebbe your West ancestor changed his name (those changes are recorded somewhere); also WHILE you are visiting the Boston Public Library, I bet they may have computers there with world memberships to Ancestry, so kill 2 birds with one stone :)

J at Cow Hampshire

Linda Gartz said...

Writing more is my goal too. Obviously also need organization! New to blogging and didn't realize the deadline for the plans! Stay healthy.