Sunday, October 11, 2009


I'm in one of those occasional periods when I've run out of "juice" so I'm
being lazy today as far as genealogy goes. I've had a pretty busy week
posting and looking back I have a few thoughts I'd meant to include in a few
posts but forgot for one reason or another.

"Ipswich Town" -I remember when I was a kid that the Boston Globe had a
page in the back of their Sunday Magazine supplement with poetry and quotations.
I read "The Face on the Barroom Floor" there. I'm not sure when they stopped
running that page, but seeing poems like "Ipswich Town" reminded me of it.

"Where The Sun Don't Shine" and "Grave Concerns in Sumter County, Florida"-
These sort of stories just infuriate me. It's bad enough we have punks with so little
decency that they damage or destroy gravestones for fun. But perhaps they draw
inspiration by the way cemeteries are allowed to fall into disrepair and become
overgrown with weeds, or ticketed to be relocated in the name of progress. After
all, it's only dead bodies, right? What difference does it make? (I'm being sarcastic

Finally, "Another 'Tea Rebellion' " brought back a memory of my maternal grandmother
Aggie who died 52 years ago today. It wasn't just Yankees who liked to drink their
tea off a saucer. Irish Catholic Aggie did too, and also liked to eat peas off a knife!


Les said...

Eating the peas with a knife made me smile. When we visited a cousins farm back in the late 40's I would sit at the kitchen table an watched intently as thier old hired hand, Chester, balance his peas on the knife. I don't believe I ever saw one drop.

Bill West said...

It fascinated me, too! But Mom
kept telling Nanny to stop teaching me bad habits! :)

Thanks for the comment, Les!