Monday, October 19, 2009


Back when I first joined Facebook the first two cousins I met there were Zac
Anderson and Farrell Stewart. They are both descended from Leonidas West,
the younger brother of my ancestor Jonathan Phelps West. I received word
today from Zac that Farrell had passed away at home last Wednesday, Oct 14th.

Farrell was already interested in genealogy and had been one of the founders
of the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum . During the brief time I knew her
I got the chance to send her some of the things I'd found about our shared
Ames ancestry. She in turn shared her knowledge of the Keller line with Zac,
(Leonidas West had married Valora Abbott. Their daughter Clarinda Britton West
married Frank L. Keller from whom Zac and Farrell are descended.) and had
years ago corresponded with my Aunt Dorothy about family genealogy.

Her obituary can be read here at the Billings Gazette website.

She was a kind and gracious lady and my condolences go out to her children
and grandchildren.

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