Thursday, October 01, 2009


This is a post for the Carnival of Genealogy and the topic this time is:

".....Your Genealogy Blog's Obituary. If your blog ended or was
lost/deleted today, how would you write it's obituary? What
were the highlights of your blog? What is its history? This t
heme was suggested by Schelly Talalay Dardashti of
Tracing the Tribe who will be hosting this next edition of
the COG. " goes:

"It's my sad duty to report the passing of my blog, "West in New England", or as
I had come to privately think of it, "WiNG". WiNG was a comparatively young
blog, not having as yet reached it's third birthday and only having 607 posts
under it's belt, but it had a good run. If one might use an analogy, in the
pack of geneablogs, it was the young and enthusiastic blog that darted about
excitedly sniffing out stories of ancestors to share with others much as a young
pup will proudly lay some unearthed bone at the feet of others to share the
beauty of his find. Of late, WiNG had had incredible success in discovering
quite a bit of information on the fertile grounds of GoogleBooks which
provided material for most of the blog entries for this past year.

What brought WiNG the most satisfaction and enjoyment was being able to share
these stories with his immediate family and with those distant relatives with whom
he shared ancestry and whom he'd might never have known about other wise.

Rumor has it that a secret society of devotees known as WiNG-nuts are decrying
the early demise of WiNG and some claim it's not dead but merely the victim of
a vast conspiracy of town hall clerks.

But whatever the case, we bid farewell to "West in New England" with a softly
murmured "Well done, o good and faithful geneablog..."


The blog is not dead. But I couldn't find a way to write this in a serious manner, so
I got a little goofy. What is true is the parts of how much I've enjoyed sharing the
stories I find, and how much fun it is to share them with my relatives.

Dang, this was a tough one to write!

We now return you to the regularly scheduled "West in New England."


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I'm going to sashay into to work this morning and declare "I'm a WiNG NUT!". "You're nuts alright!" they'll say.

I do enjoy all of your posts but especially those about your early New England.

I found this one a tough one to write also.

Bill West said...

Thanks for kind comment, Apple!

Anonymous said...


WiNGnuts - I love it! Call me a WiNGnut and I'm glad that the report of your blog's demise is greatly exaggerated.


Bill West said...

Thanks Donna. I'm glad ALL our blogs are still alive and kicking!


footnoteMaven said...

I am an original WiNG NUT! One of the "old guard" who looks forward to everything you have to say.

Rock on!


How can you not love a man who uses the word forfend!

Bill West said...


Why thank you, ma'am!
The admiration is mutual,
I assure you!

Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Great obit, Bill! Count me as a WiNG nut, too!

I'm not sure right now whether I'll be writing my blog's obituary or my own -- it's been a WEEK! (It's midterms at the University of North Florida. . . )

Bill West said...

Oh boy. Mid terms. Even nearly 40 years later I remember how tense
those made me!
Thanks for the comment, Karen.

Kathryn Doyle said...

When you create the WiNGnut badge of honor, count me in! I'm not sure why but strains of "Poor Judd is dead" are ringing in my head. Thanks, Bill. So glad you're gonna keep on bloggin'.

Bill West said...

Thanks Kathryn for the comment.
Small chance of a "WiNG-nut"
badge because I stink at art.
But now I have that song going through my head!