Sunday, April 15, 2007


A very rainy Sunday afternoon and I’ve been noodling around
the web on genealogy and other matters. This is a dangerous
thing, because all sorts of stuff runs through my mind and if I’m
not careful I’ll blog it and subject those of you reading this to it.

I was doing a bit of research and writing about something I
found out while working on the entries I wrote about the murder
of Ruth Perley (E)Ames. I’ll be posting what that was a bit later
today. But it did seem to verify many statements I’ve seen that
climbing your family tree is a pursuit with lots of surprises and
side paths to explore. I keep finding new information online that
may or not be true and has to be evaluated. I’ve discovered
distant cousins like Tim Abbott or Chris Dunham and it makes
me wonder how many more there are out there who I don’t know
and may never learn about.

I guess the best analogy I have today (and we’ll blame this one on
the fact that there’s a nor’easter outside) is that it’s like dropping a
rock into a pond and setting off ever widening ripples.

But what interesting ripples they are.

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