Thursday, April 05, 2007


The other day at the bookstore I heard a familiar voice say "Billy!"

Well, only those who knew me as a kid or who are related to me
use that name and when I turned around I saw two of my cousins
had stopped in to see if I was there.

Actually they're my second cousins, Nancy and Margie, daughters
of my grandmother Agnes' sister Peggy.

Yikes, that's so convoluted!

Anyway we talked a bit and I told them I'd started this blog and
that I had scanned some pictures they might like to see. Neither
of them are online themselves but I got the email addresses
of two of their kids who do and I promised I'd send the pictures
along to them.

This picture is one. Left to right it's Nancy, someone who may
be either cousin Anna or cousin Peggy, then Margie and then my
mom Anne. It was taken outside of the same triple decker that
appears in the wedding photo of my parents I've published

Mom spent a lot of time with her cousins when she was younger
and they were as close as sisters. Both Margie and Nancy were
in Mom's wedding party and Nancy is my godmother. And both
of them went on to long happy marriages and large families.

I'd just thought I'd post this here too before I crawl off to bed!

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