Tuesday, April 17, 2007


As I mentioned last time in my post about Maugerville the
name Mose Coburn was mentioned several times, mostly
in transcriptions of church documents.

Now my father’s mom Cora Berthella Barker was descended
from a Moses Coburn and wife Esther Spaulding (Spalding)
of Newry, Maine. Our Moses was also originally from Essex
County, Massachusetts, so I wondered about a connection.
I tried Family Search first and it seems the Moses Coburn of
Maugerville was related. He was born in Dracut or Tyngsboro
Ma. on 1 Jan 1702 and died in Sheffield Parrish, New Brunswick,
Canada on 27 Apr 1800. He married Hannah Burpee on 31 Dec
1767 in Sheffield and they had a family of seven children.

Hannah’s father is given as Jonathan Burpee and one of the
leaders of the Maugerville Settlement was Deacon Jonathan

Further googling led to more information as to why this Moses
Coburn would have left Essex Co., Ma. for Canada. On 15 Apr
1762 he’d married Elizabeth Peabody but she died a year later.
Apparently they had a son Stephen but I find no other mention
of him so he might also have died. About this same time the Essex
County colonists would have started leaving for Canada and it
must have seemed like a way for Moses to leave painful memories
behind and start a new life. So in 1767 he moved to Maugerville
and marriedHannah Burpee later that same year.

But while the Essex Colonists had started a new life in Canada the
events to the south would have an impact on them, which I’ll leave
for next time.

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