Friday, April 13, 2007


April brings showers, and birthdays in our family as well.

The first is Aunt Dorothy’s, (my Dad’s sister) which was
last Thursday. This is the lady whose own genealogy research
inspired mine. Hard to believe that she’s 81 now when I look at
this picture from the photo album. I think she sent it to Dad
shortly after she traveled to Ohio to marry Uncle Chuck. She’s
the young lady on the right of the picture, although the note on
the back says it was printed backwards since Dot was actually
sitting on the right of the other girl. She and Uncle Chuck raised
a large and happy family and I’m hoping to make it out there to
visit them this summer.

The next two happen to both fall on the same date, April 12th.

One is my Aunt Emily (Cappadonna) White, the wife of my Uncle
Ed White. Here she is with Uncle Ed (who looks like a young
Jerry Orbach) and their daughter Winnie. Emily was known as
“Aunt Mimi” because as a toddler it was as close as I could get to
“Emily” and I still occasionally use that. As I mentioned in an
earlier post we all lived in a two family house in Malden for some
years. After my folks moved to Dorchester Emily and Ed
moved to a house in Arlington and later bought a house here in
Abington where we had moved after leaving Dorchester. Uncle
Ed passed away a year before Mom did and Emily now lives in
Florida and summers up in New Hampshire with Winnie and her

And last (and far from the least) today is also my sister Cheryl’s
birthday. My folks let me name her and the name comes from my
first crush. (a girl in my kindergarten class named Cheryl.) Cheryl
and her husband Peter and their family love in Whitman, the next
town over now and she teaches English at a local middle school.
She is more than just a sister, she’s a friend!

The photo at the top is from her christening and the adults are
her godfather Gaetano Cappadonna (Aunt Emily’s dad) and her
godmother Anna Hyler, one of our cousins on the McFarland side
of the family.

I hope all these ladies have many more happy birthdays to come!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Bill. Mom always told me that you picked the name...
but that it wasn't after your first crush. It was after the name of the tugboat from that 50's television show (I think it was called "On the Waterfront").