Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Just a few thoughts for tonight:

First, for those from outside the area who wonder how big a deal
Patriots’ Day and the commemoration of the battles of Concord
and Lexington might be around here, take a look at the calendar
posted over at Boston 1775 by J. L.Bell

Second, I found a map of Andover in 1692 that show the locations
of all those Abbotts and Chandlers and others that are in my line
and in Tim Abbott's as well. It includes a handy name key to go
with the numbered houses. If you have ancestors from there,
check it out!

Finally, I‘m really beginning to like the Google Books site more
and more. I could get lost for hours just looking through the old
books like William Cutter’s and looking for entries on my ancestors.


elinor abbot said...

I think I saw a post of yours on Tim Abbott's Greensleeves blog. So I found my way here.
You may want to get a copy of my book on Andover that just came out, now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. It's called Our Company Increases Apace: History, LAnguage and Social Identity in Early Colonial Andover, MAssachusetts. You'll find lots about some of your early ancestors in there!
Elinor Abbot

Bill West said...

Hi Elinor!

I recall Tim mentioning your book before. If you and he are related than we're probably(very)distant cousins as well.

I work at Borders so I'll order it into my store for my own reading and for my customers since I am responsible for the local interest section in the store.