Monday, April 16, 2007


As I mentioned earlier, I discovered something unexpected
while surfing the web last week I googled for any information
on the Ruth Perley (E)ames incident and while looking into the
Perley family came across Israel Perley who moved from Rowley,
Ma. to settle in Canada in a town named Maugerville along the
St. Johns River. The website contains more detail but apparently
after the French and Indian War the British were seeking settlers
to replace the Acadians they’d expelled and an invitation was sent
to colonists in New England to move north. Some 200 families
took up the offer of a new life and made the move and most of
that number came from Essex County in Massachusetts.

There’s a list of the family names of many of the settlers and
at least a half dozen listed could be related to me including Barker,
Dow, Estey, Coburn, Kimball, Richardson and West. If you have
Essex County ancestry you might want to check out this Canadian

The name Moses Coburn appears several times on the website
and I’ll go into that a bit more next time. The nor'easter is still
howling outside and bed beckons.


Charrie said...

This was written a long time ago, and you may already have this information, but will send it anyway, since we are related, albeit distantly! a website run by another very distant relation, may prove interesting.


Bill West said...

Hi Charrie!
It's great to hear from a Coburn
cousin. Thanks for the website addy. I'll check it out tonight!


Charrie said...

Hi Bill!

Yes, it is, and I think you will enjoy poking around that site. You will see how you are related to him as well!


Charrie said...

BTW the son stephen Coburn did survive, and he either accompanied his father to Maugerville, or, more likely, came there in 1783, but he married...a Wasson, I think, had 10 children, and removed to Vermont.

I have the rights of it my notes somewhere...