Thursday, April 19, 2007



It appears I have to do some tree pruning. Several of us
climbing our West Family tree have believed that Lydia
Phelps, mother of Arvilla Ames and the grandmother of
Jonathan Phelps West was the Lydia Phelps whose parents
were Jonathan Phelps and Beulah Parker. Last evening I
found fairly strong proof that is not the case.

You can view it here. The work is copyrighted and I won’t
say anything more while I try to contact the person to get
permission to blog here about it. I’m deleting my previous
Phelps ancestry post so as not to lead anyone else down
a wrong path.

On the good side, I am still descended from Edward Phelps
through Hannah Phelps, wife to Ephraim Abbott.

But I’ve lost the Andrews, Dickinson, and some of the Parker
lines. One of the hard parts of genealogy: removing ancestors
that are interesting when you find out they don't belong on the

Ah, the pain!

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Apple said...

I keep folks I find interesting in my file, just on a separate tree. I've made enough of these types of trees that I may soon have my own little orchard. :)

I hope you are able to verify or discount the new information you have found.