Tuesday, June 19, 2007


A few thoughts before I meander off to bed…

I need to stop falling asleep in the living room right after I’ve
eaten dinner every night. I eventually wake up (like I did tonight
after six hours or so) but it sort of limits any genealogy research
or writing I I can do before I need to head off to the real bed. I
still haven’t done the posts I planned on my Great-Uncle Tommy
and his younger sister Peggy nor have I scanned any more photos
for a few weeks now. I gave my brother and sister a cd of what
I’ve scanned so far on the day we saw Blue Man Group and would
like to add more.

I recently used a Christmas Gift Card for Walmart’s to buy a fairly
inexpensive mp3 player that has a recording function and hope to
master it so I can maybe gather some memories at my nephew’s
wedding in July.

And I want to mention the novel Lost Constitution by William
Martin. I finished reading it over the weekend and highly enjoyed
it. Randy Seaver asked awhile back about books with genealogists
in them and while that is not what the hero does for a living his
work does involve tracking valuable historical items and the story
follows their history down the years years through generations
of owners. I’ll have a longer post on this tomorrow night.

Finally, the new Carnival of Genealogy is out and it’s great reading.
This one centers on Fathers for Father’s Day.

Alright, off I go to bed before I give into temptation and start
googling some ancestor or another!

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