Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Ok, one of my favorite PBS series is back with new shows!

If you haven't seen The History Detectives before you might
want to give it a looksee. Each week there are usually three
stories that involve some family legend or artifact and one of
four "detectives" investigates to verify or disclaim the story.

What is especially interesting is watching how they go about it
as it shows how to use libraries and archives and other resources
which someone researching their genealogy might use as well.

You can check out the archives of past shows here, which
includes one from Season 2 back in 2004 on the Benjamin
Abbot Homestead in Andover and whether it had been
owned by accused witch Martha Carrier.

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Janice said...


Thanks for reminding me that there are new shows on "History Detectives." I'm not a regular television viewer, but there are a few shows I enjoy. Thanks to you and the "Local Listings" link on their web site, I was able to watch Episode One last evening.