Saturday, June 09, 2007


I've done a number of posts under the general heading of
"Bedtime Genealogy" but in actuality I do most of the research
beforehand and then post it before I go off to bed. This week,
however, has been a bit frustrating as for some reason
or another I am falling asleep shortly after I get home from
work and so haven't been able to get much done.Hence, no
posts since Monday.

Okay, okay, the "some reason" is I'm just not as young as I
used to be and a busy day at the bookstore sort of gets to me
easier than it used to do.

I hope to have something up tomorrow or Sunday concerning
a relative by the name of Varanes Libby and perhaps a few
other posts as well.

And will have author William
Martin who writes historical based mysteries set in New
England in at the store to sign copies of his newest book
Lost Constitution. I've spoken with him on his previous
visits and he's an erudite and interesting man. Try his
Back Bay and Harvard Yard novels if you haven't yet.

Ah well. Bedtime.

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Miriam said...

Thanks for the recommends! I am always looking for historical mysteries!

By the way, when I turned 30, I no longer could stay up all night, or even until 2 or 3 in the morning, and still function the next day (yes, I used to be able to do that!). Now that I am 40, I find myself taking a nap one or two days a week after work, because I am still a night owl and stay up too late (which is now 11 PM, instead of 2 AM!).