Sunday, June 24, 2007


Janice of CowHampshire awarded my blog a Thinking Blogger
Award and I’m flattered and glad that she thinks so highly of
what I’ve written so far.

And I’m worried. It means I have to keep up to that standard!
The pressure!!!

Just kidding, Janice. *grin*

As part of the meme I must now name 5 more bloggers whose
blogs make me think and let me tell you, that’s not as easy as it
sounds for several reasons. One is that I could easily think of
more than 5 blogs that get my brain working. Another is that
most of them must have already been given the Award by other

I’m not sure if it’s allowed but I’m picking some them anyway,
because they do make me think:

Tim Abbott’s Walking the Berkshires: Not only because of the
genealogy posts but also for those on the environment and his
posts on family life.

Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings: A wealth of information on
genealogy research. And you’re right, Randy, genealogy is

Chris Dunham’s The Genealogue: He makes me laugh! He makes
me think! And dangit, yes, (like Chris and Janice) he’s a distant

Craig Manson’s Geneablogie: He’s been blogging since 2004 and
I’ve just barely started reading it but he writes so well about his
research and other topics that I’m going to try to catch up on the
older posts.

Jasia’s Creative Gene: Another great writer and her work with
the Carnival of Genealogy has led me to discover other great

There’s so many others I could name: Miriam Midkiff, Bill Ives,
Maven, Becky Wiseman, Janice herself. There are a lot of very
talented folks writing out there and I hope I can keep up with
them with my own blog in the future!

Find out more about the Thinking Blogger Award here.


Jasia said...

Wow, I'm honored Bill. I don't tend to think of my blog as thought provoking but yeah, I can see how the Carnival of Genealogy could lean it in that direction.

Thanks for the tag!

Janice said...


What a great choice in blogs to pass the award along too. Every one of them are already on my list of "Genealogy Blogs I Like" ...

Blogging is a lot of work and it is always nice to learn that your work is appreciated.


Bill West said...

Blogging IS hard work but it's also fun for me and I suspect for all of those I either mentioned or gave the award to in my post. Not to mention the ones I left out.

I think of it as people sharing things that they treasure or that inspire them and their enthusiasm has a ripple effect.

All who I mentioned have blogs that have inspired me to keep on with genealogy.

Craig Manson said...

Bill, Thanks for this honor! It took me awhile to get to it because of my intense summer school schedule (which finishes tomorrow), but I'll pass the honor on to other deserving bloggers!