Monday, June 25, 2007


I read about the Family Search Labs Records Search Pilot
in posts from Randy and Chris, so I thought I’d give it a try.
I got my email earlier today and spent some time on it. I can’t
give details but let me just say…wow!

Also,since I’ve spent some time lately on Ellingwood relatives
I’d thought I’d post the brief version of that particular genealogy

Ralph Ellingwood m. Eleanor Lynn

Ralph Ellingwood Jr. m. Martha Rowlandson

Ebenezer Ellingwood m. Sarah Tuck

Joseph Ellingwood m. Sarah Herrick

John Ellingwood m. Zerviah Abbott

John Ellingwood Jr. m. Rachel Barrows

Asa F. Ellingwood m. Florilla Dunham

Clara F. Ellingwood m. Philip Jonathan West

As always, all of the above is not set in stone.

And this weekend marked the birthdays of ancestors James
Thomas Dunham/Donham (Fri Jun 22) and Louisa Almata
Richardson (Sat Jun 23)

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