Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Here's my effort for the "Just Make Up The Lyrics Challenge" It's set to the
music of the song "End of the Line" by the Traveling Wilburys:

Well, I'm up all night, working on my Family tree
I'm up all night Look! It's a quarter to three!
I'm up all night, working on those stubborn brick walls
I'm up all night, it's worth it if one them falls.

I've been pretty lucky researching I must confess (on my paternal line)
Found  a lot of records with a bit of sucess(on my paternal line)
But there's one brick wall that's harder than  all of the rest (on my paternal line)
John Cutter West.

Well , I'm up all night, working on the family names,
I'm up all night,  Barker and Abbott and Ames.
I'm up all night, checking out another lead,
Up all night,  hoping it's the one that I need.

I've been working for so long on the elusive John C.(on my paternal line)
There's been others searching for him as long as me(on my paternal line)
If I could find his parents then he'll no longer be(on my paternal line)
A big mystery.

I'm up all night, googling here and there
I'm up all night, I know that it's somewhere
I'm up all night, and some day I'm gonna find a clue
I'm up all night, and then I'm gonna break through!

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