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Fellow geneablogger Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small has issued the 52
Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge. Basically, we have to post something every week
on a different ancestor, whether a story, picture, or research problem. This week my
subject is 6x great grandmother Sarah Bickford.

I first ran across Sarah in the Upton Chronicles,  in this opening paragraph of my ancestor
Amos Upton:
"Amos Upton 3, (Samuel2, John 1), widely known among his cotemporaries and still spoken of as Deacon Amos Upton, was brother of the preceding, and son of Samuel2 and Abigail (Frost) Upton; born in Darn ers; and baptized there, Oct. 20, 1717; married Dec. 5. 1739, Sarah Bickford, daughter of John Bickford of Salem town. She was admitted into full communion of the church in Danvers, March 28, 1756." p64
John Adams Vinton, The Upton Memorial: A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John Upton, of North Reading, Mass. ... Together with Short Genealogies of the Putnam, Stone and Bruce Families (Google eBook)  Printed for Private Use, Bath, Me. 1874

Other than that, I had nothing further on Sarah Bickford. I decided she'd be my subject
for this week and set about trying to find out more. I Google searched her father John Bickford and found this Beckford-Bickford Genealogy:

John Beckford,2 probably born in Marblehead about 1674. He was at first called a fisherman, then a brickmaker, shoreman and yeoman respectively. He married Miss Rebecca Pinson of Salem Feb. 8, 1698-9 ; and lived in Salem until about 1735, when he removed to Reading, where he was living as late as I757.

Children, born in Salem :—

4—I. George,3 b. July 5, 1700. See below (4).
5—II. John,3 b. Sept. 15, 1702. See below (5).
6—III. Rebecca,3 b. Feb. 26, 1705; m. John Archer of Salem Feb. 6, 1722.
7—IV. William,3 b. March 4, 1706. See below
8—V. Bethiah,3 b. Feb. 2, 1708; m. Samuel Ruck, jr., of Salem Nov. 13, 1729.
9—VI. Benjamin,3 b. Aug. 30, 1711. See below (9)
10—VII. Ebenezer,3 b. May 18, 1715; living in 1717.
11—VIII. Priscilla,3 b. Aug. 8, 1717; m. David Phippen of Salem May 24, 1738.
12—IX. Mary,3 b. Nov. 22, 1719; m. Warwick Palfray, jr., of Salem May 3, 1738.
13—X. Sarah,3 b. Dec. 18, 1721.

 p60  The Essex Antiquarian, Volume 8 (Google eBook) (Salem Ma., 1904)

 I also found this in an article by Sidney Perley in The Essex Antiquarian, Part of Salem
in 1700 No.7.:

"John and Rebecca Bickford Lot. This was the lot of Lawrence Southwick in 1656; and he sold it to Thomas Robbins before i68r. Both parties died ; and, no deed " appearing of record," Mr. Southwick's executors gave a deed of it, including the "pond or salt marsh," to William Pinson, whose wife Rebecca was Mr. Robbins' niece and heir, in 1694. Mr. Pinson took possession of a strip of the common land between the pond and the old road as shown on the map..." p147  The Essex Antiquarian, Volume 5 (Google eBook) (Salem Ma, 1901)

William Pinson died in 1695 and left 2/3 of his estate to Rebecca, his only child. When her mother (also named Rebecca) remarried she "released to her daughter Rebecca and her husband John Bickford of Marblehead, "all that ye pasture or parcel of mowing land 'consisting of upland marsh and thatch banks and pond," containing three acres, Jan. 11 1698.* The Bickfords owned the premises until they removed to Reading about 1750. The pond was filled about a hundred years ago.
•Essex Registry of Deeds, book 164, leaf 247. •fEssex Registry of Deeds, book 288, leaf 274.

Now I know that Sarah's mother was Rebecca Pinson, and her grandfather was
William Pinson. I still need to see what else I can find to confirm all this, but still
a good start!

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