Thursday, March 27, 2014


This is was inspired by something writer CJ Cherryh posted on her Facebook page.

Earlier cultures had a belief in an afterlife much like the lives they led here on Earth, and
many of them had food, clothing,and other favorite items buried with them so they could
have them with them in the life to come. It was a custom in many parts of the world, in
places like China, Egypt, and  Britain. So CJ asked what we today would take along with
us into the afterlife if we could?

This was my answer:
"Pictures of my family. My books. My cds. A laptop computer with my genealogy database. A printed out copy of my family pedigree chart so I can show my ancestors exactly how we are related. Blue jeans, Red sox baseball cap, and my New England Patriots hoodie. And an endless supply of pizza. I think I'm good with that."

Later in the day, I realized all that pizza might cause problesm, so I added:

"About my earlier answer:I realize that "an endless supply of pizza" is problematical: Filling my tomb with boxes of pizza would probably not do the trick. So after some thought, I'd have to amend that to empty pizza boxes, each one for a different type of topping combinations. The actual pizzas would be delivered ethereally in the afterlife by Mystic Pizza."

So, what would you take, if you could "take it with you?"

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