Sunday, March 16, 2014


My week without ended at 12am this morning.

I will admit it was difficult at first, a bit like suddenly going on a diet. A
few times I found myself hitting the tab on my browser that opened to my
Ancestry account page, but I closed it right away. Meanwhile, I kept myself
busy by:

-Adding memorials and pages to Find A Grave

-Finishing the naming and filing downloaded document images to surname folders.
 I'd started this earlier but as I was organizing I was downloading more documents
from Ancestry and FamilySearch. Since this week I wasn't adding more, I was able
to clear up what I already had. I now have 92 surname files.

-Researching and writing two blogposts using information I found on free sites
such as Googlebooks, FamilySearch and others.

Now that the week is up I have until March 24th before my membership
ends. I'll double check to make sure I've downloaded all the records I used using  "Old
Search". Afterwards I'll continue adding to my tree there using the records that I find
elsewhere. Occasionally I might rejoin for a month to check out the  "shaking leaves."

It will take a little more work, but it will be easier on my budget, and easier than trying
to deal with the new search engine.

2 comments: said...

Can you still sign into your private trees after your membership runs out ? I like the idea of just paying for a month a couple times a year (just to catch up).
I just let my Fold3 and genealogybank end too for budget reasons. I do like the option to pay by month at some websites. Also use our library's Ancestry & Heritage Quest & Persi free with our library card.

Bill West said...

Yes you can. You will only have access to whatever free records Ancestry has, and you can't access other members' trees, but you can still access and edit your own trees.