Sunday, March 09, 2014


So I started my Week Without today.  This will mean I won't be
working on my family tree until next Sunday because my "primary" tree is on
Ancestry. I periodically create and download a gedcom to my RootsMagic database
here on my computer's hard drive. Luckily I have downloaded documents that
need to be sorted into the correct folders. I also still have a LOT of photos I took
at Mt. Vernon Cemetery here in Abington and I need to create memorials for
them to go with on Find A Grave.

When I do get back to researching I'll be using the sites I  used before
For colonial Massachusetts Vital Records, there's the Early Vital Records of Massachusetts and  the state run  Vital Record to 1850 website. For the other
locations there is FamilySearch, and Linkpendium.

If you've never tried using Linkpendium, it's a compendium with over 10 million
links to genealogy websites. Some of the links are to paid sites, like Ancestry, which
are marked by a $ next the site name, but there are many others that are free.

And of course there are things to be blogged about!

Tonight, I think I'll be working on my Find a Grave photos.


Jill Ball said...

Sounds like your sabbatical could be much longer than a week.

Bill West said...

You can say that since I've unsubscribed from Ancestry. I will continue keeping my tree there and adding to it but I wiill do my research elsewhere.

Jeannette Saladino said...

I also do not use Ancestry, for now at least. How do you add to your tree? My tree on Ancestry became unstable and unusable one month ago. Their reason for this is Internet Explorer's update to Version 11! I have tried Ancestry's solution to the problem, and that does not work. So ... I have 'unsubscribed' from Ancestry. I have also lost the ability to use my DNA results and to communicate with 'cousins' since I have unsubscribed.

Bill West said...

Jeanette use Firefox for my browser. I've never had trouble with ancestry using it. Can the cousins who find you still contact you, even if yu can't find them and contact them?