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The following is a transcription of another letter from my 1st cousin 2x
removed Vera Olive West, written to her future husband, my 2nd
cousin 2x removed Stevens Morse Abbott. A few explanatory notes:
Berlin is Berlin, N.H. "Aunt Emlie" is Emily Enman, whose sister
Josephine Enman was Vera's mother.(The Enman sisters married the
West brothers, John C. and Paul L.West. Paul was Vera's father.)
Finally, Pearl was Vera's cousin Pearl Louisa West. 

Upton, Me.
July, 16, 1913
Dear Steve;-
You must think I am a great one for not ans. yout letter for such a long time.
I have no excuse only I was lazy, and you knew that long ago so did not send

All of Aunt Emilie's familie are here from Berlin.

There is going to be a dance to morrow to end up the contest another over
to Errol Fri and another up the4 lake later and I am not going to any of them.
Other girls have fellows to take them and I have none to go withme so shall
stay at home.

Now Dear I am going to give you a growl arnt you frightened. You know
you didn;t want me to more than half dress myself while you were here
well I didn't do much better after you went home and now can't hardly
get one of my dresses around my waist and when I do it makes me red
in the face they are so tight. I am going to begin dieting and see if I can't
get thin. Hope so.

I think I shall go down to Berlin when Aunt Ems girls go back and stay a
week or two. I haven't been out to visit Helen yet.

We girls of the West familie and Erna are going to Cambridge to morrow
put our horses up and hire a rowboat and go up to the sand beach go in
bathing have a picnic we will all of us girls alone because we shal take
no old folks or boys.

I wish Bert had not gone home so soon we six might have been to-geather

Pearl and I are in bed she is reading  The Rejected Bride she seems quite
interested only when I get in her light.

Now Dearest I think I have written quite a plenty
So will close, with lots of love

P.S. The Forget-me-not  seeds are nearly ready to geather.

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Claudia said...

I love the line, "I was Lazy." I feel like that myself sometimes.