Sunday, September 25, 2011


Earlier this year my brother in law Pete asked me if I wanted to come along
to a meeting of the Abington (Ma.) High School Class of 1966 45th Reunion

Now, I hadn't been to any of our previous reunions. I'd been a sophomore
when my family moved out of Boston down here to the suburbs so I was the
new kid in school that year.  And our house was on the southern edge of
town so there weren't many of my classmates nearby to socialize with. In
fact, part of our backyard was actually over the town line in Whitman so
I hung out with kids from there. I really didn't have time to develop more
than a few friends  in the three year span before graduation, (and one,
Pete, eventually married my sister Cheryl.) So I hadn't gone to any of the
previous class reunions.

I'm glad Pete asked me if I wanted to go to the meeting and that I said yes.
There were a dozen of us who met once a month to go over the class list
to see which  addresses we had, which ones had changed or which classmates
had passed on, and to discuss the specifics of where, when, and how much.
We set up a production line to stuff envelopes with newsletters and stick
address labels on them. And before, during, and after that process there
was a lot of enjoyable  conversations.

The Reunion was held a week ago Saturday and it was a very good time. I had
a lot of fun seeing old classmates and judging from the laughter  and animated
conversations going on all around that function room at the Town House every
one else had a great time, too.  When we are kids we tend to have groups and
cliques but there was none of that division there that night. We all enjoyed
each other's company.

There was a Reunion breakfast at Jeff and Mary Lou's house the next day which
was fun and delicious and a great way to cap off the weekend.

I want to thank the members of the Reunion Committee for all the laughs, and
the good food, and  the chance to hang out with you all,and a special thanks to
Pete for bringing me along to that first meeting.

To my fellow classmates, I hope to see you all again in five years, and to those
who didn't attend this time, please joins us for our 50th Reunion in 2016!


Unknown said...

I made almost all of my reunions. At each one I noticed less and less clique gathering. It was really apparent after we reached the age of grand-parenting.
The last one was really great, everyone talked to everyone else! It was a great memory-lasting event.
You are correct in your comments. JLK/NK56

Debi Austen said...

My class recently set up a private facebook group and we have had a blast getting to know each other all over again. I keep my yearbook next to my computer and even after I look someone up, I often times don't remember them. But the cliques are gone and everyone talks to everyone else. Glad your reunion was such a success!