Monday, August 22, 2011


Last Friday I got a great early birthday present in my mail: two cds from
my West cousin Lewis Wuori containing photographs and other images.
As I told him in an email, it was like discovering a treasure trove. There
are pictures of ancestors whose faces I've never seen before! I've been
sharing them with my various cousins from the Wests and Richardson
families(alas, no Barker or Ellingwood pictures) and posting them on
Facebook on my profile page and on the Upton Historical Society.
And of course I'll be posting some here as well.

Here are the ancestors whose faces I'd never seen before:

 Above is my  3xgreat grandmother Esther Laughton Richardson and
her stepson Almer.

And this is my3x great grandfather Philip Richardson.

This is a West family group picture but I don't know who they all are...yet.

More to come...

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Wendy said...

What a wonderful early birthday gift! I think many of us would be thrilled to receive something like that. It's always exciting to put faces to names, especially for those who were around before we were born.