Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've made two mistakes in my recent postings of pictures that I need to
correct and they actually involve the same people.

In the last post I mistakenly identified this group of people as being
Louisa  A Richardson West, Jonathan Phelps West and an unknown
woman in the front, and the two people in the back as one of Jonathan
and Louisa's sons and his wife. Today I printed out the list of photos
cousin Lewis included on the cds and discovered my mistake.
The lady on the left is actually my 3x greatgrandmother Arvilla S Ames West.
On the far right is her granddaughter, my 2x greatgrandaunt Clarinda(Clara) Britten
West, and the man sitting in between them is Clarinda's husband Charles Godwin.
The other two adults in the back and the child on Charles' lap are unidentified.
Charles and Clarinda had three daughters so it's possible that is one of them with
her husband and the child is theirs, So this might very well be a picture of four
generations of Arvilla's family.

I was right about one thing in the next picture. It's the same outfit being worn
but it's Arvilla wearing it, not Louisa. And it's a Godwin Family Reunion, not
one for the West family. The earlier picture with Arvilla might even have been
taken on the same occasion!

Arvilla Ames West was born in 1810 and died in 1907. She would have known
her grandfather John Ames the Revolutionary War veteran and she knew her
great grandson, Floyd Earl West Sr. So by knowing our grandfather all the
West grandchildren knew someone who knew someone who fought in the

Now that I printed out that list from Lewis, hopefully I won't make too many
more mistakes with these wonderful pictures.


lukester said...

Hi.. Dow you know anyone else in this photo.. I know this was taken in Carmel at the old homestead

my email

Bill West said...

Unfortunately, I don't Luke. There are no names on the back.

lukester said...

I am thinking but I don't know.. the gentleman standing in the back with the mustache is my great grandfather Lewis Morton Hanscom A laborer for Charles Goodwin.

I am not sure how too up load pictures on here .. but I have an older picture of my grand father Lewis

I do have and old writtin invitation to the Goodwin family reunion on 1899.. more than likely re typed