Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last week after I posted the anniversary reunion picture of Jonathan P West
and his wife Louisa Almata Richardson I discovered that the Upton, Maine
Historical Society has a Facebook page. The picture had been taken on
Back Street in Upton so I thought perhaps a member of the Facebook
page might recognize some of the other people in the picture. Unfortunately
no one has as yet but there was another benefit, namely meeting some
more cousins. One of them was Deborah Judkins who shared three photos
of her own at the site.

This one is Louisa Richardson and Sidney Abbott. They were doubly related, 
since Sidney is Louisa's great grandson on his mother's side, but also her
great grandnephew on his father's side as her sister Esther Richardson was 
Sidney's great grandmother on that side.

                 Louisa and nieces Bertha Morse Judkins & Florence Morse Abbott

            In this group picture the adults are (front row) Albert Judkins, Bertha Morse
            Judkins and Florence Morse Abbott. In the back row are two men who
            probably are cousins from the Greenleaf family and then Louisa Richardson
           West. One of the boys in front is Sidney Abbott. The Judkins are Deborah
           Judkins' great grandparents and she is my fourth cousin!

Thanks Deborah for sharing these with me!

And for those reading this, don't forget to check and see if there is an online
presence for those towns and cities where your ancestors lived. You might
make more cousin connections like I did!


Heather Rojo said...

Are your Richardsons originally from Woburn, Massachusetts? It might be another cousin connection!

Bill West said...

Heather- No, Heather. Louisa and Esther's grandfather Philip Peirce Richardson is a brickwall. He married Lydia Dow at Pembroke NH on
18Nov 1794 but that's all we know about him for sure. It's possible he was a Scottish immigrant.

Alise Hewitt said...

Heather Rojo, My 11th grandfather is Samuel Richardson from Woburn, MA!!