Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Among the pictures cousin Lewis sent me on the cds were several
more of my 2xgreat grandmother Louisa Almata (Richardson) West.
I think I now have more pictures of her than of any other of my

This is the earliest picture I now have of her, and I'm guessing it was taken
sometime between 1865(the year she married my 2xgreat grandfather
Jonathan Phelps West) and 1880: 

The date on this picture says "September 15teenth 1892" and shows
Louisa with her second son Paul Leroy West. Paul was born on 20Jul 1876
so he'd have been two months past his 16th birthday.Louisa, having
been born 23Jun 1837, was 55 years old:

This is my favorite picture of Louisa, feeding chickens. I think it
might have been taken at around the same time the as the group
picture in the last post because it looks like the same outfit.

Finally here she is in another family group picture seated on the left front. Jonathan
is seated next to her with a grandchild on his lap. I'm not sure if that's John or Paul
standing in the back. Depending on which of my 2xgreat granduncles it is, the
woman standing next to him could be either Emily or Josephine Enman, since
the West brothers had married the Enman sisters!

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