Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today (August 13th) was the 85th Ellingwood family Reunion. Originally
begun by the children and descendants of Asa Freeman Ellingwood and
Florilla Dunham Ellingwood, it is also open to any descendats of Ralph
Elinwood  who came to America and settled in Beverly, Ma. in the 1600's.
In fact anyone Ellinwood, Ellingwood, Ellenwood or Ellwood are descended
from Ralph. The reunion is always held Saturday in August and for some time
at the home of Jerry Ellingwood in Norway, Maine.

So this morning  my sister Cheryl picked me up VERY early and we drove up
to Maine and following a side trip we arrived at Jerry's house where we spent
a few hours with him and other cousins Bonnie Atkinson and Lori Barnes Grippo
again, and to meet fellow genealogists and Ellingwood descendant Pam Carter
for the first time.

Here's a few pictures:

After eating and group phots outside under the canopy., the annual business meeting
was held in the garage: Afterwards people broke in conversation. There are several
tables set up there as well, such as this one with the desserts:

Jerry's house overlooks Norway Lake (also known as LakePennesseewassee ) and
there's plenty of space for the younger cousins to play games om the lawn
A boat was available for those who wanted to get out on the water.

One of the other tables had copies of Florence O'Connor's book The Ancestors 
and Descendants of Asa Freeman Ellingwood and Florilla (Dunham) Ellingwood .
available from Jerry. There are family updates every year at the reunions to add
 to the book and also a  newsletter that Lori puts together. Also on display are
several photograph albums and a binder with the minutes of every reunion
business meeting! 


This was the second Ellingwood Reunion we've attended (my first was in 2009) and
it was a good time and a nice trip all around.

I look forward to more Ellingwood Reunions! 

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Barbara Poole said...

Very nice Bill. And it looks beautiful up there. Glad you were able to make it.