Sunday, March 06, 2011


I want to thank Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist blog for  the Family
History Writing Month Challenge.  I missed only one day (due to illness) and
my posts were each over the 250 words so while I didn't make it 100%  I'm
happy with the results.

Now, while I enjoyed writing down my memories (and I hope you enjoyed
reading them)I didn't share all of them. My sister made the comment to me
that there weren't all rosy times when we were growing up, and she's right,
there weren't. There were times when things were tough. But those times
are not something I choose to air online in my blog. When I put these memories
 together and perhaps print them I may include them there.

That being said, there's a lot more I haven't written yet, so there will be more
"Memories" posts in the future!

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Lynn Palermo said...

Congrats Bill on meeting the challenge. Keep on writing!