Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So, how am I going to go about finding out more about my Grandfather Edward F
White Sr? What resources and leads are there to pursue?

1. Family Members. There are several of my older cousins who might have
     memories of what was said about my grandfather by their parents. Also,
      there's my Aunt Emily who might remember information.

2. Divorce Records: Thanks to the talk on Second Life Tuesday night on
    Boston repositories I now know Suffolk County and Boston divorce
   records are kept at the Boston Municipal Court at the Edward Brooke Building.
   I have the divorce decree already but there may be other material in the case
   file so I should go to the Court and ask for them to be pulled for me.

3.Obituaries: A trip to the main branch Boston Public Library to check the
   newspaper archives might help here.

4. City directories: Again these might be available at the BPL.

5. Death certificate: Already sent for last week.

6. Census: I have yet to locate my grandfather on the 1930 census. Further off
    there is the release of the 1940 census coming next year.

7. Other: There is always the hope that one of Edward F White Sr's children by
    his second marriage or their descendants will contact me after finding my
    blog or finding my family tree on Ancestry or

I'd thought I'd try to make it into Boston this Thursday but March 17th is a
holiday in Boston and Suffolk County. It's Evacuation Day, commemorating the
British troops evacuating Boston in the Revolutionary War which, begorrah, also
happens to be St Patrick's Day. So I'll make the trip next week.

If there's some thing or place you think I might try, let me know.

And I will let you all know what, if anything, I find out about my grandfather.


Janice said...


It seems like you are looking in all the right places. If you belong to NEHGS they also have some online newspapers.

And definitely a good thing to avoid Evacuation/St. Pat's Day in Boston unless you also happen to like Mardi Gras in New Orleans -- same sort of craziness lol


Heather Rojo said...

You can think like a forensic genealogist and learn as much as you can about his neighborhood, place of employment, his neighbors and his close relatives. It will give you an idea of his life and times, and might lead to a clue or two (hopefully!)

dee-burris said...

Do you have any indication of any church affiliation your granddad might have had? Often, if they are still in existence, church records can be very useful.

Michael Auger said...

Bill - is there a transcript of the Second Life discussion of Boston repositories? If so, I'd love to get my hands on a copy - seems like very helpful information.

Keep up the good work - you'll find your grandfather!