Sunday, March 13, 2011


These are three documents that I have related to my grandfather Edward
Francis White Sr.

The first is his WWI draft registration card. Up until the time I found this I
hadn't known he'd been employed by the railroad before he married my
grandmother. It might indicate that's where he went when he and my grandmother
separated. On the other hand, he could have just as easily been still living in
Boston but in a different neighborhood .

The second is a record of their marriage which took place on 19Oct 1924.
Two things I only noticed today: one is the date of the certificate: 21Nov 1935.
That is the day before the divorce decree was granted on 22Nov 1935.
The second thing I realized is that the marriage took place in October and my
uncle was born six months later in April, so either he was premature or my
grandmother was already pregnant when they married.

The third document is the divorce decree which as I noted was dated 21Nov
1935. It states my grandfather had deserted them for three years, which agrees
with what my Mom said that she'd been four years old when it happened. The
divorce became final on 23May 1936.

Next I'll go into what else I know and where I think I need to go from here.


Thomas MacEntee said...


Good work and good research!

On the issue of your uncle's birth - it is unlikely that a 6 month premature baby would survive given the available medical advances at that time.

I recently discovered my great-grandparents' marriage certificate from 1915 and I realized they "fudged" their marriage date. They always said it was May 30, 1915 in order to cover the birth of their first son in March 1916.

DianaR said...

Hi Bill ~ Do you have any of other papers relating to the divorce yet? I found a wealth of information in the documents prior to the actual decree. That is where I found my great-grandmother's story about coming back to her father's home where my grandmother was then born.

I'll be interested to see what more you uncover.

Heather Rojo said...

You are good at cliff hangers, Bill! I want to know the rest of the story (just like you!)

dee-burris said...

Ok, now the suspense is killing me...

I expect no more than it is for you, though.

Good work on this one.