Friday, August 14, 2009


We got up early on Sunday morning. The weather forecast called for rain moving
into New England during the afternoon and traffic back down to Boston is bad
enough without factoring heavy downpours into the travel time. So we were
out of the room by 7:45 (I think...I wasn't entirely awake yet) and then went downstairs
to say goodbye to Aunt Dot before we left. Gary and Diana planned to take the make
a loop up through the Rangeley Lakes area and then down along the Maine coast
to do some sightseeing before heading back to Ohio. It had been fun seeing them all again
and meeting Gary's mom Peg. And it's always great to spend time with Dot talking about
the family!

We were on the road at around 8am and after a quick stop for coffee at a Dunkin' Donuts
(a sure sign of civilization is a town with a Dunkies!) we headed south. The weather most
of the way was fine and I took some pictures of the scenery along the way. I should mention
here that I didn't take as many pictures as I should because I was spooked by finding a shot
on the camera late Friday night that looked like your tv when you get a lot of static. Cheryl
kiddingly suggested it was from a ghost at one of the cemeteries. So I must have reviewed
all my pictures 30 times over the weekend to make sure I hadn't lost anything!

We stopped at Concord NH.for brunch and gas. The weather held until we reached Massachusetts and then began to cloud over but except for a few sprinkles the rain
held off until after we were home. Cheryl dropped me off here at the apartment at around
12:30, and our weekend trip to Maine was over.

Once again I want to thank Cheryl for hauling me around the country and putting up with
my rambling about which ancestor did what in which town. Love you, sis!

And so ends the tale of "Son of Road Trip"!

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Susi's Quarter said...

Bill I could read your trips forever. Thanks for sharing. Maybe that name will show up in lineage someday. Seems I find new ones all the time. Blessings.

Hope your feeling better.