Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Well, two more days until we head north to Maine. I did a little shopping for some
things: a pair of sneakers, a hat, some socks, pens and notebooks. (As my cousin
commented on Facebook, "someone's planning on doing a lot of interviews!")

I need to finish up the Susannah Buswell series before I go, and then make some copies
of some documents to take with me for the Ellingwood Family Reunion. I have checked
past copies of the Ellingwood Reunion Newsletter to see what's been in them and
hopefully the items I bring will be new to everyone.

On another front, I've been posting some old posts from this blog to my blog over at
the Maine Genealogy Network. These include posts about Jonathan Barker's Revolutionary
War pension file and on my brickwall ancestor, John Cutter West. Going forward I'll
be posting any new posts about my Maine ancestors to both blogs.

And now, off to the laundromat!

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