Sunday, August 02, 2009


First day of vacation!

I'm looking forward to the trip up to Maine and the Ellingwood family reunion
at the end of the week. Meanwhile I'll try to keep myself occupied and out of trouble
until then.

I spent sometime reading the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture 14th edition
over at Colleen Johnson's CMJ Office blog and enjoyed a vicarious trip to Ireland!

I've held off on posting the next part of my series on Susannah since I think
I'm one generation off on how we're related. The William Buswell I'm descended
from was born in 1692 and too young to be Captain William Buswell of the court
case. There's several Williams and Isaacs in the family around that time so I'm
doublechecking who was who and should have the next part of the series available
either tonight or tomorrow.

Something to keep myself occupied, right?

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Susi's Quarter said...

I just wrote another note on

I will have to chat Maine later with you. I have some Maine so far your names not link.

have fun.