Saturday, August 22, 2009


So last night I took that list of spelling variations of the name Haskell and when a-hunting
for legal case records on Google, using " (the name) +Essex+ court" as search parameters.
I didn't find anything that I hadn't already seen. So I switched over to some of the ancestral
names I hadn't tried yet, and found a few things that were blogging material:

Woodbury: A case between a Thomas Woodberry and a Richard Stackhouse over sails
and another between Thomas Woodberry and a Thomas Patch over rent. Thomas appears
to be the brother of my ancestor Isaac Woodbury.

Farnham/Farnum: The case of Ralph Farnam Jr. accused in Sep 1682 of fathering the child
of a servant, Elizabeth Gould. This one is rather interesting. I'm working on this for my next

Besides those three cases, I also found several wills that I'll add to my records here.

I also relearned that it's not just last names that have spelling variations. In one record I
spotted the name Mighill. I blinked at that one, then realized the name was Michael!

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T.K. said...

I swear, Google is the most fun you can have sitting down.