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This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Challenge from Randy Seaver over at
Genea-Musings was an interesting one, Where Were They in 1909? :

1) Which of your ancestors were alive in 1909?

2) Tell us where your ancestral families were living in 1909. What country, state,
county, city/town, etc. Who was in the family at the time? Use the 1910 census as
"close enough."

3) Have you found each of these families in the 1910 census?

4) Write a blog post about your response. Or write a comment to this post.

5) Have fun. Learn something!

Alright then, I did use the 1910 census for my information. I've divided it up into
two sections. Ages and maiden names are in parentheses:

My Mom's Family

Great-Grandparents Edward J. White (35) and his wife Pauline (Offlincher)White(35)
were living at 218 Florence St in the Roslindale section of Boston, Suffolk Co., Ma. Edward's
occupation was Teamster for Wholesale Flour. They had eight children ranging in age from
12 years old to 9 months old, among whom was my grandfather Edward F. White, age 10
years old.

Great-Grandparents John McFarland(56) and wife Annie(Kelley) McFarland(50) lived at
950 Parker St in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston, Suffolk Co., Ma. with their 8 children,
ranging from age 23 to age 6. Among these was my grandmother Agnes McFarland, age
. John's occupation was given as a Laborer for the street Dept.

I have no knowledge of any other maternal ancestors living in 1909.

My Dad's Family.

Great-grandfather Philip J. West(40) was living with his second wife, Alphonsene (Turgeon)
West(30) in Upton, Oxford Co., Me. Living with them was Philip's 18 year old son,
my grandfather, Floyd E. West Sr. Philip's occupation was given as a Farmer.

Great-grandfather Frank W. Barker was deceased and I haven't found any record of the
location of great-grandmother Charlotte L (Barker) Barker. She would have been 30 years
old in 1909-10. and I believe she lived until 1944. Her maiden name was the same as her married name because she and Frank were first cousins. Their daughter, my grandmother
Cora B. Barker would have been 10 years old and I believe her to be the 10 year old Cora
B. Barker listed as a Boarder with Olis W. Brooks and his wife Cora in Grafton, Oxford, Me.

Great-great grandparents Jonathan Phelps West(78) and Louisa (Richardson) West(72)
were lving in Upton, Oxford Co., Me.

Great-great grandparents Asa F. Ellingwood(80) and Florilla (Dunham) Ellingwood
(78) were living with their son Joseph Ellingwood's family in Hebron, Oxford Co., Me,

So now I have a mystery: Where was Charlotte Lovenia Barker in 1909? Was she
simply missed in the census or her name mispelled? Was she someplace outside of
Maine trying to make a living? Her husband Frank had died in 1905 leaving her
with 6 year old Cora and 2 year old Henry to raise. Is that why Cora is a boarder
with the Brooks family, if indeed is my grandmother living with them. Is there a
connection with Cora Brooks?


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