Saturday, June 13, 2009


I think I might have used this analogy before, but more and more
genealogy to me seems like one of those Russian egg puzzles. You open up
the egg and inside is another egg and inside that is another egg and
so on until you reach the last teeny eeny egg. Lately in researching
the roles my ancestors played in the early Massachusetts colonial
wars I keep finding new "eggs" that have me
gather them up.

For example, I found some transcribed documents involving my 8x great
grandfather Stephen Greenleaf, and in googling some of my other ancestors
who were Stephen's contemporaries I found the details of court cases between
9x great grandfather Capt. William Gerrish and a rival in Newbury, Ma. The
last of the cases was a trial for slander and is a hoot to read. I'll be posting it here

I get a kick out of finding these stories and as long as fate, or Google,
keeps rolling these eggs in my direction I'll keep opening them up and
sharing what I find inside them here with everyone.

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