Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After a blogging marathon of 14 or so posts last week I found myself sort of
vegging out at the keyboard tonight. I'm a little bit tired and stiff from my
first day back on the sales floor after vacation and I had no enthusiasm
for one of my usual googlebook searches So I think I'll give it a rest on
the research for a few days.

But I'll still be blogging this week. I need to come up with a post for the
CoG and then I'll be editing the links for the "Just Make Up the Geneaology
Lyrics " for when I post the results on the 4th Of July.

I'll still be busy, but tonight, I'm dead tired, so I'm heading off to bed.



hummer said...

My question is how do you keep up with all the posts and not live at the computer. I love reading your posts and feel at awe reading the ease with which you relate your information.

Bill West said...

The secret is....little chocolate

Seriously,thank you for the kind words!