Sunday, June 07, 2009


Ironically, I was checking the links on my Puckerbrush Award posts when I
found that the one to Janice Brown's Cow Hampshire blog doesn't work.

I got one of those dreaded error messages:

"ERROR: is temporarily unavailable
or does not exist. Please check the address and try again."

I hope it is only temporary, but given the length of time since Janice last
posted I fear the website is now gone.

I hope Janice is well wherever she is at present and that someday we will see her
return to her genealogy blog!


John said...

This is saddening. Her website is still up.

InkDraft said...

Yes, I was just researching the 2nd NH Turnpike and found the Cow Hampshire link.
But alas, it isn't working. That can happen often with a free blog. Sometimes the writer takes it down but sometimes if you have a free blog you are at the mercy of the blogsite. Various blogs sites have been known to change things unannounced or just decide to cancel a particular blog. AOL did it and many people lost all their files and were not able to retrieve them. I hope all writers blogging on free blogs are backing up their files somewhere else. The only way to have total control of your blog is to own it through a domain name, website, and hosting service that you have ownership of. Many people who had AOL blogs were devastated when AOL suddenly canceled their blog service without notifying any of the bloggers of the plan.
Back up your files.

Bill West said...

Wise words, Inkdraft. But what I
fear has happened is that the blog has been deleted or it's ISP lapsed
due to inactivity. It's been over a year since Janice's last post. We're
all a bit worried over her dropping
off the radar without a word and now we've lost her body of work as well!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Google cached her site as recently as June 4th. Blog Harbor is a pay service....... It's really tough when someone you know only through the internet just disappears. Lots of concern and questions but no answers.