Sunday, June 07, 2009


This past Friday I was honored to receive The Puckerbrush Award for Excellence"
from both Cheryl Fleming Palmer and Judith Richards Schubert. I am flattered and
grateful for being given this award, especially since it is given in honor of one of my
first genea-blogger friends, Janice Brown. She has a great sense of humor and it was
her that gave me the challenge to come up with 49 Genealogical Uses for a Flutaphone!
Early on we discovered we were distant cousins.

The award was started by Terry Thornton, aka Willie Puckerbrush:

"In honor of our absent friend, Janice Brown, whose delightful blog Cow Hampshire
continues to inspire through all her archived articles, is my attempt to recognize a few
writers and their blogs --- those I consider the best in the blogging world and whose
work has influenced me the most.

Janice told us all about the word "puckerbrush" in an article she posted August 27,
at Cow Hampshire .... That article inspired me to use, on occasion, the
alias of "Willie Puckerbrush" in making some of the many foolish comments I've left
about the blogosphere.

It appears to me that in the thicket of all the blogs being written that I should highlight
those ten writers of greatest influence to me --- in other words, my list of the ten best
based solely upon my personal opinion."

So here are my list of ten. Please note I had one heck of a time coming up with this, not
because I couldn't think of anyone, but because there are so many out there to choose
from. So in the end I opted to go by the wording used by Terry and pick those who've had
the greatest influence on me through their style of writing and the content of their blogs.
They've all contributed prominently to the formation of our genea-blogger community:

Jasia from Creative Gene- The creator of the Carnival of Genealogy through which I
discovered so many other genealogy blogs and author of great articles on her own

Chris Dunham from The Genealogue- There's always something there that makes me
laugh and I found many genealogy blogs through hi Blog Finder, Besides, he's a cousin!

Randy Seaver from Genea-Musings- Randy's blog has great analysis of genealogy
programs and issues written in a direct and easy to understand style! And his Saturday
Night Genealogy Fun challenges are exactly that: fun, and educational!

Miriam Midkiff from AnceStories- The creator of ScanFest Sunday where I've
learned a lot about scanning and have had a chance to "meet" other bloggers.
Besides, she's a cousin!

Tim Abbott from Walking the Berkshires- Reading his blog inspired me to explore
the historical background of my family's history. And, besides, he's ...yeah...another

Craig Manson from The GeneaBlogie- Another great writer. Craig is able to explain
legal aspects of genealogy and blogging in a way even a dunderhead like myself can

footnoteMaven from footnoteMaven- A creative lady with a sense of humor that rivals
Janice's own. Creator of great graphics for various genealogy carnivals and an authority
on proper source citation. All that, and a writer I enjoy reading!

Terry Thornton from Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi- Terry's writings on his beloved Mississippi are great reads. And he's the Founder of the Association of
Graveyard Rabbits bloggers .

Thomas MacEntee from Destination: Austin Family- "The Perle Mesta" of genea-blogging community and creator of the Geneabloggers website and the Genea-Bloggers group on Fb.

Apple from Apple's Tree- Another fine writer who's blog I read regularly. And, yes, she's
a cousin!

It was after I made my choices that I realized that four of them were my distant cousins.
But so is Janice, so I guess I'm sort of keeping the award in the family!

Thanks again, Cheryl and Judith, for this award!


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks for the award and the shout out Bill!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

You're so welcome, Bill! Love your choices and your humor in "keeping it in the family".

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Thanks Bill! Your blog continually reminds me that my family history started before the 1800's.

If I'm not mistaken Randy's your cousin too so that makes it 50% ;-)

Chris said...

Thanks, Bill!