Tuesday, April 01, 2008


My cousin Diana, one of Aunt Dorothy’s daughters, reads this
blog and will occasionally send along a comment on what I’ve
written which are always fun for me because I learn something

In my post about family cars I mentioned how my Dad said
he’d learned to driveon the back roads up in Maine but I
wasn’t sure if it was with a Model A or Model T Ford.
Diana sent me this:

Was just reading your most recent blog....and thought you
might find this tidbit interesting. When I was about 10 (so
we're talking 45 years ago!) My parents went to Maine and
towed Pop's old Model A Roadster all the way to Ohio. A
guy that lived in Freeport had bought it to restore and paid
my parents' gas expenses to go up to New England and
it back here ....thus rescuing it from rusting away in
the field
where it had been located for years! This is
probably the
same Model A that Uncle Bud learned to drive

A few years ago, the man from Freeport got desperate for
money and sold the body off the car to someone else....the
other guy had a coupe and wanted a Roadster so he bought
only the body. Then, the man from Freeport died. Well, to
make a long story short, my husband and I ended up with
the chassis and engine to Pop's car and Gary is currently
building a Speedster out of it. He took pictures of early
speedsters and picked all the points that he liked best and
is building this car completely from scratch! It won't be
Pop's Roadster but at least we'll have Pop's "car" running
again, hopefully later this year!

When I emailed Diana back to ask if I could post her
comments here, she included another great bit of
information in her reply:

"By the way..........when Gary restored our Model A Town
Sedan, Mom bought us a Flying Quail radiator cap
(traditional dressy cap) in honor of Pop. So I've always
called the Quail, Floyd!!!


So that Model A from Maine lives on in Ohio!

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